Guyana Local Content Policy(LCP) Framework - February 2021

Sc3 Analysis of Guyana Local Policy Content Framework and Legislation

Since opening our offices in Guyana in June of 2017, Sc3 has actively been following and involved in helping to develop Guyana’s Local Content Policy Framework(LCP). Developing a National LCP Framework is not easy and is a long process. Sc3 completely supports and encourages Guyana in its pursuit of a fair and equitable LCP and intends to be as complaint as possible as it continues to evolve and morph as the country continues on its journey as the world’s newest oil producing nation.

Our team is often asked about Guyana’s local content policy and framework by our partners, investors, and advisory clients. This post shall serve as a way to help keep track of the framework as it evolves over the coming years.

The information included below is presented without comment and is compiled from publicly available resources. The owners and publishers of the work retain all rights and privileges in regards to what is presented. The Sc3 team makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy and or legality of the documents provided below. They are for information purposes only and are presented in chronological order with the most recent version/draft at the top.

February 2021 Local Content Policy for the Development of Guyana’s Petroleum Economy


November 2020 Report From the Advisory Panel on Local Content


January 2020 Guyana Petroleum Sector
Realizing Local Content Benefits and Value Retention from Guyana’s Petroleum Resources


May 2018 Making the Most of our Oil and Natural Gas — Draft 2

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