Guyana Budget 2020 Analysis

Sc3 Guyana Parliament Budget 2020 PWC EY


As development continues to pickup in Guyana, the team at Sc3 has been working to collect, collate, and archive some of the critical news and analysis that is being produced in regards to Guyana and the Country’s 10 Billion Barrel+ Oil Find. The following information is from publicly available sources and the original authors and publishers retain all rights and privileges to their work.

As far as we can tell, Budget 2020 was the first time any of the major Tax Advisory and Consulting firms began to issue research/guidance and analysis on Guyana’s Annual Budget. If you happen to have copies of previous work, we would love to review it and share it, please send it to

The analysis is posted below. Smart City Clearing Company Ltd. and it’s team make no representation or warranties about the accuracy of the information contained in the reports.




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